Selections from Echoes of Trapped Voices:

 Story Translations:  

When Time Runs Backwards MAN AND THE SUN
Of Lice and Louses DEAL Silk Stockings and Wild Horses VORTEX
The beat goes on, and on... STAGE MOM When the party's over, over there. LAND OF THE ENEMY
The burden of love lost, yet recovered in lifes twilight. THE CAPTAIN's DAUGHTER Shoveling diamonds up the arse of ones own destiny IN ART STUDIO
Rags to riches, and back again. IVAN AND MR. HYDE A dream dies when the wrong tree is planted. INDECENT PROPOSAL
It can be only a few furlongs from thoroughbred to teasing pony. CIPHER FROM PERIPHERIQUE Of dreams and deliverance. RIGHTEOUS AHMED
Alone one morning, a hardened criminal is confronted by an intruder who has no fear of anyone. WEIGHTLIFTER A prominent businessman and politician awakes in his personal hell, a Twilight Zone for the rich and famous. GALOPERIDOL
In a dark dimension where people live like zombies, can the way one exits this life be controlled by sheer will alone? NICHOLAYEVICH Selling oneself to beautiful women can be an up and down business. SILLY DREAMS
Being first in line is always best with take-a-number love. SWEETHEARTS High spirits find love in low places. THE COLONEL'S WORLD

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