Graveyard residence

Soldiers Graves

Bunker N205

Fortified Kiev

Iron bunker

Flooded Bunker

Digging in road

Cool six-shooter

Lake Bunker

Appearance of Scooturo

Garbage pit

Enchanted bottle

Sophocles advice


Haunted hills

Ivan Kupala

On Defence Line

Scooturo Casualty

General Vlasov

Digging in marsh


Artillery Bunker

Top relic

Potato Masher

1935 Helmet

Burials of money

Das Reich

Deaths Head ring

Korsun battlefield


Iron Cross

Ukrainian Anarchists

Witches Sabbath
My Trophies

Baby Yar

Luteg beachhead


This is the German defence zone. A few lines of entrenchments and niches for tanks and cannons.

Germans trenches are deep (180cm) and they easily visible on photos.

This place is our favourite for a summer camps. There is nice beach at the bank of Dnepr river. At this place in October 1943 a few hundred thousands Soviet army troops forced a crossing over Dnepr. It was so called fictitious manoeuvre, because the major part of Soviet troops went to cross a river in other place.

The official statistics says that this bluff cost Soviet army 300.000 lives of their soldiers and officers.

I don't know statistics for a loses on German side. I think, it shall not be many, because as soon as Germans learned it was not a major attack, they left this positions.

The historic name for this place is the battle of Bukrin.


We found this garbage pit on the kitchen department of old camp, where German soldiers have been waiting for an offensive.

Finding this place was a strange experience. If we find a gun or gas mask, it is clear they left from war, but when I saw the can of Norwegian sprats, war start looking not a very distant to me and I even thought that we've gotten in some regular garbage hole, where I normally wouldn't dig.



This subject is not from a garbage pit. It is my transportation here. I love scooturo. Son of a ditch goes everywhere and it goes fast. Light weight, it is built from racing components. Just not about aesthetics a bit.


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