Graveyard residence

Soldiers Graves

Bunker N205

Fortified Kiev

Iron bunker

Flooded Bunker

Digging in road

Cool six-shooter

Lake Bunker

Appearance of Scooturo

Garbage pit

Enchanted bottle

Sophocles advice


Haunted hills

Ivan Kupala

On Defence Line

Scooturo Casualty

General Vlasov

Digging in marsh


Artillery Bunker

Top relic

Potato Masher

1935 Helmet

Burials of money

Das Reich

Deaths Head ring

Korsun battlefield


Iron Cross

Ukrainian Anarchists

Witches Sabbath
My Trophies

Baby Yar

Luteg beachhead

Top relic.

I don't know what can be more interesting then exploring war bunkers. I can be lost here for hours and I am not sure, what I am looking for, may be the door that no one has opened since war.

Unfortunately the deepest bunker, the headquarter that goes 50 meters under ground, can not be accessed because it still belongs to military.

There are still plenty to explore. Some bunkers are connected with underground passages.  When exploring we lay ropes long our route in order to find the way back. Once my friend went to explore catacombs and was not heard from for a while. He returned unshaven with baggy face and said he couldn't find the way out for two days. Knowing the guy and knowing that the neighboring village was holding a beer fest I assume, that he may not have spent two days exclusively in the bunker, but his story was cool either way.

This is typical stuff that can be found around bunkers. Explosives harmless now. I don't keep them live as I don't want to rise my village in the air. Those bad looking, German mortar shells strike on distance of 400 meters. Usually, when our friend- sapper disarm them, we all take a quarter mile walk..

This days, telling fake relics from real is the biggest problem for all military collectors. Producing copies of a relics is industry. The only way to be sure you founding is real is to dig it from trench.

I call this composition - Ghost of war. I added a bit of paint to bring out emblem, the rest as it was found.  

The soldiers in a bunkers had water, but they have been limited with food supply. Some had portable radio transmitters, diesel generators for current.

Speaking of light- I found this "Diamon" torch few years ago. I cleaned it, changed lamp, glass, battery and it works now.

This founding is my sort of thing, German chewing gum and toothpick. It will be probably top relic of this summer.

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