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Luteg beachhead
Here is another interesting helmet, the model 1935 was designed with two holes: one for vent and the other for liner. The third hole on this helmet is from a bullet with no outlet. It is one on right side from the emblem, which I think might be the target for a sniper.

Outside this helmet look good, even original paint remains, inside it is rusted, it is because it was on a soldier, organics ate it.

Organics stain metals in a different colors. Look at this brass shell, if you find such, then soldier must be near.

The trenches of a fortified area eventually lead us to this monastery. It stood in line with bunkers and have been a very good fortress, thick walls, catacombs.

At late thirties, communists already killed the monks or sent them to a prison labor camps, so the monastery stood empty.

In August 1941 there was fierce fighting here. Each side lost about 2 rifle battalions.

Now, everything is rebuilt, monks returned and do not mind us to explore their place, just telling sometimes that real treasures can be found on heaven not in earth.. I don't argue, if all those relics were in heaven, then I'd be first to climb up there...

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