Graveyard residence

Soldiers Graves

Bunker N205

Fortified Kiev

Iron bunker

Flooded Bunker

Digging in road

Cool six-shooter

Lake Bunker

Appearance of Scooturo

Garbage pit

Enchanted bottle

Sophocles advice


Haunted hills

Ivan Kupala

On Defence Line

Scooturo Casualty

General Vlasov

Digging in marsh


Artillery Bunker

Top relic

Potato Masher

1935 Helmet

Burials of money

Das Reich

Deaths Head ring

Korsun battlefield


Iron Cross

Ukrainian Anarchists

Witches Sabbath
My Trophies

Baby Yar

Luteg beachhead
In this village, a German tanks clashed with Soviet tanks, when they tried to break through encirclement ring to rescue a circled army.

There is still a war technics left in a Korsun marshes and rivers. It is one of nine "Sherman" tanks which took part in a Korsun operation.

Sherman was an American tank which Soviet Union have been receiving with other humanitarian aid. Whatever they say about Shermans thickness of the armour or gasoline engines, Soviet never looked a gifted horses in a mouth, gladly received help and Shermans fought here in battles.

The body of this tank sit in marsh, while top has been pulled out. There is a shell-hole on a left side. Some day old Sherman will be dragged out, put in one piece and restored.

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