Graveyard residence

Soldiers Graves

Bunker N205

Fortified Kiev

Iron bunker

Flooded Bunker

Digging in road

Cool six-shooter

Lake Bunker

Appearance of Scooturo

Garbage pit

Enchanted bottle

Sophocles advice


Haunted hills

Ivan Kupala

On Defence Line

Scooturo Casualty

General Vlasov

Digging in marsh


Artillery Bunker

Top relic

Potato Masher

1935 Helmet

Burials of money

Das Reich

Deaths Head ring

Korsun battlefield


Iron Cross

Ukrainian Anarchists

Witches Sabbath
My Trophies

Baby Yar

Luteg beachhead
My dowry. All cleaned, painted, and restored. Old shells are deactivated. This place looks a bit like workshop of medieval alchemists. My quest to find an SS ring seems as impossible as theirs, seeking to find gold within base metal. They didn't find what they were looking for, but instead they discovered many of natures laws, and along the way invented gunpowder, china, and useful medicines. I have found many interesting things too and I don't regret my endeavour. After all, in a way we are all alchemists, each hoping to find our own 'gold' somewhere in life.

Stuff mostly from war trenches, except for a couple of things of home storage. I traded them from old people, who kept relics from time of German occupation.

Occupation of Kiev lasted two years and two month. It began in September 1941. The same days when Soviet army have been trapped in a marsh German army began occupying Kiev. Germans found town in chaos.


On central market they saw how some people were selling human meat. Germans caught the human flesh sellers and strung up the enterprising gentlemen right on a spot. They left them for people to see that new authority call for order.


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